Russell Meyer
Russell Meyer

Originally from Sydney, Australia, I graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.) in 2013. Shifting fields into philosophy, my doctoral thesis focussed on disputes scientific explanation in the cognitive sciences. I was awarded my doctorate from the University of Wollongong in 2021. 

Research Interests

It’s an exciting time for research into the origins and nature of living organisms. While science and philosophy have prioritised a heavy focus on natural selection when answering these questions, new methods and theories are making big discoveries about the kinds of – until now poorly understood –developmental processes that shape organisms and their behaviour. New questions are coming to the fore: what are the organising principles that unify the most basic kinds of life with the most basic forms of cognition? Approaches like the recently formulated basal cognition, as well as empirical developments in active matter and active materials research are beginning to provide answers. My current interest is in locating and understanding the paradigmatic empirical cases that will shed light on what explanations will look like under this new wave of theoretical and scientific investigation at the intersection of life and mind.  

Recent Publications

Meyer, R., & Brancazio, N. (2022). Putting down the revolt: Enactivism as a philosophy of nature. Frontiers in Psychology13, 948733.

Meyer, R. (2022). An explanatory taste for mechanisms. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences

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