The Institute of Philosophy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CASIP, was founded in 2019. It is the new academic establishment supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS, to meet China’s national strategic needs. By creating an alliance of scientists and philosophers,CASIP strives to promote scientific and technological innovation, philosophical development. 

Being concerned about with major issues between philosophy and science, specializing in the philosophical foundations of modern science, and exploring the values and, political and cultural matters closely related to the science and technology, CASIP contributes to the development both of the scientific innovation and philosophical advancement. With the help of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CASIP pioneers a joint education model for science and philosophy. 

Gathering the strengths of every institute of CAS, CASIP builds a highly collaborative, open, and innovative research community with a joint membership of scientists and philosophers. The institute offers visiting and post-doctoral research positions to facilitate collaboration for outstanding international scholars. CASIP promises to an inclusive collaboration with expert leadership.